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Puddle Jumper 3000

Possibly the best flying bulldozer game you'll ever play!

Fly! Push! Blow stuff up!

A whimsical exploration across classic (if unlikely) obstacle-strewn industrial, verdant, and ancient landscapes! Puzzle your way around brick walls and over pits! Whiz along conveyor belts! Avoid firey fire and trapping traps! Exploit flying elevators with decidedly limited carrying capacities! Elude rampaging monsters and robots--or blow them up with the Hubschrauber Howitzer!
Does victory loom just beyond the next screen? Probably not! But instead another roomful of fires and conveyor belts and mind-twisting puzzles awaits...

(Puddle Jumper 3000 is an arcade puzzle game that is best for bulldozer pilots ages 10 to adult.)

All these obstacles stand in the way of your quest: To rescue the stolen Star Blocks and push them out to safety. It’s a dangerous and challenging mission, but you are the pilot of the Puddle Jumper 3000, the greatest of all the world’s flying, canon-toting bulldozer crafts!

Packed full of blooping, foodling sound effects, and accompanied by a tension-building all-synthesizer sound track--just like Beverly Hills Cop!

Puddle Jumper 3000 Copyright Robin Ashmore 2014